Good Reads – 12/5/11

by Steve Troutman on December 5, 2011

Joel Jamieson gives a great primer to the autonomic nervous system and heart rate variability and how these things relate to stress and recovery.

My buddy JC dropped some awesome insight on the everyday struggles we all face pertaining to fitness, progress, and consistency.  He always has great perspective.

Many of the women who contact me need to be reading stuff like this.  Nia Shanks does a wonderful job at bringing things down to a sensible baseline when it comes to exercise choices.

I’ve been reading a lot of Stephan Guyenet’s stuff.  He’s a smart guy and doesn’t bullshit… two things I admire in this field.  Earlier this year he wrote a series of articles titled, ‘Food Reward: a Dominant Factor in Obesity.”  In the 7th installment, he laid out a list of “food rules” if you will.  The entire series is great, but this segment in particular should be worth your while.  If you’ve read anything from me, you know I’m not a fan of rigid dieting.  But I think bits and pieces of Stephan’s rules can be tailored to your individual circumstances.

Tony Gentilcore cracks me up.  He has a great sense of humor and since this is paired with a good style of teaching fitness information… well, he’s worth paying attention to.  In his latest blog post he posted a video highlighting how he teaches the deadlift.  Good stuff!

Granted, I know some deadlifters who pull with high hips and even rounded backs and they don’t break.  Check out this article from my buddy, Matt Perryman, titled, “A Defense of Round-backed Deadlifting.”  Keep in mind, I’m more likely to setup one of my novice client’s deadlifts with a conventional, neutral spine alignment similar to what Tony covers in his video.  I don’t think Matt would argue with that.  Just some alternative food for thought – things aren’t always black or white.



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