Body-Improvements, LLC is a company founded by Steve Troutman and Gordy Kocher.  They are, for lack of a better term, fitness consultants.  What started as a pipe dream in college nearly a decade ago quickly grew into a real business venture fueled solely be passion and an eagerness to help people.

They train the gen pop crowd.  They work with athletes and teams at all levels.  They write.  They speak at local seminars.  In addition to operating two facilities, they also manage a flourishing web-based fitness consulting platform.

This website is the centerpiece of the company.  While the physical locations in Pennsylvania stand as great resources for the local fitness enthusiasts and athletes, it’s this website that allows the team to reach people on a large scale.  That’s something that’s very important to Steve and Gordy.

The commercial fitness scene is a wreck.  It’s players are shady as hell.  Most products and claims are based on hype rather than evidence.  Most trainers are the equivalent of booger picking morons.  It’s simply not a conducive atmosphere for honesty and learning – two things that the average consumer desperately needs.

For these reasons, this website has become the most meaningful tool in the business.  We love helping people reach their goals.  We love spreading sound advice and information and seeing people run with it.  Heck, who else is willingly putting their email and phone numbers out there so that readers can directly contact them for personalized support?

This place is for you.  We actually care about the integrity of information and your results.  Trust is earned.  We understand and realize that.  All we’re asking for is the opportunity to build that trust.

Please explore the website and see what we have to offer.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate contacting us.