BI Interviews Lyle McDonald
Lyle is by far and away one of our favorite authors/researchers out there.  He is a tremendous knack for breaking down complex topics into mentally digestible terms.  He has heavily influenced our own training and we highly recommend you check out his information, articles and products on his website.

BI Interviews Tom Venuto
We consider Tom a friend as well as someone we look up to in the industry.  His work by way of his books, research and articles is something we’ve promoted to our clients and readers for years.  In this interview we dicsuss what drives him as well as his products.  We also pick his brain about building motivation, food addiction, how to educate the consumer and much more.

BI Interviews Matthew Perryman
Matt’s a guy everyone with an interest in fitness and weight lifting should pay attention to.  He’s extremely intelligent and has a passion for helping people understand the facts.  You can learn more about Matt at his website.  In this three-part interview we discuss the man behind the computer, his book, online personal training, autoregulated training, motivation, and much more.

BI Interviews Bret Contreras
Bret has really made a mark for himself in the industry.  It’s very evident that he puts ego aside in his pursuit of truth – he’s a huge proponent of change in the fitness industry… from research methodology to how fitness professionals interact with one another.  In this interview we discuss his book, strength training for the beginner and the obese, the industry in general, common mistakes made by trainees, and much more.

BI Interviews James Krieger
If you want to discuss the current research pertaining to obesity, James Krieger is your man.  In this interview we discuss such things as the cause of obesity, non-exercise activity thermogenesis, cyclical diets, and much more.  If you’ve not visited James’s website, you can check it out here.

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