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Gremlins, Pareto, & Food Rules, Oh My!
We are inundated with rigid rules about how we should eat to lose fat.  Every diet has a unique twist that tricks you into controlling your food intake.  Some of them are logical.  Some of them are unbelievably ridiculous.  We’re constantly getting queries pertaining to what our rules are.  While we’re not huge fans of rigidity, we do feel that there are some general concepts that should be implemented in pretty much any diet.  That’s what’s presented here along with some common sense to get you perceiving nutrition in a healthier light.

The Nutrition Foundation: Calories vs. Nutrients
What’s the difference between calories and nutrients (protein, carbs, fat)?  Do I need to track calories?  These are the basic sort of questions that are covered in this article.

The Importance (or lack of) of Pin-Pointing an Exact Caloric Intake
Have you or do you know someone who has stressed themselves out over calculating how many calories they need to consume?  If so, this article is for you (or them).

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