Ongoing Consultative Services

The training and nutrition landscape has reached levels of complexity that are absurd.  The majority of people are completely inundated by information… so much so that they’re constantly second guessing themselves.  It’s hard to remain consistent and excited when you’re doubting every decision you make.

Let us take the guess work out of the picture for you.

Online Coaching is our most popular training option and it represents the heart of what we’re about here at BI.  No matter how you slice it, reaching your health, physique, or performance goals involves an ongoing process that requires continual refinement and adjustment.

We factor in your entire situation – your experience, equipment availability, goals, likes/dislikes, injury history, strengths/weaknesses, posture, etc – and whittle your program down into something that’s a perfect fit – for YOU.  What’s more is the fact that we’ll manage the moving parts, from training variables to calories and nutrients, over time to ensure the ‘train doesn’t leave the tracks.’

If you’re someone who:

  • is seeking a program that is tailored to you that changes based on your progress and needs
  • desires the ability to run things by a professional when questions arise
  • would rather focus on execution than the actual management of the programming
  • doesn’t have the time or patience to figure things out by trial, error, and research
  • can’t seem to find a qualified trainer in your locale
  • would prefer to work with a seasoned professional at a fraction of the cost of in-person training
  • would prefer to train on your own time opposed to being confined to an in-person trainer’s schedule
  • is sick of the constant struggle of investing lots of effort with little to no progress to show for it

Then Online Coaching is likely the option for you.

We take great pride in your success.  We realize that obtaining your performance, health, and physique goals ranks towards the top of the list as far as importance goes and we’re honored to play a part in your success.   Beyond your success, this is about making the process fun and exciting.  It’s about holding you accountable.  It’s about teaching you the fundamentals that really matter.

From rank beginners to seasoned vets, we’ve found Online Coaching to be a very viable tool for everyone along the spectrum.

In terms of the nuts and bolts, the Online Coaching process goes something like this:

  1. Drop us a line (see below) expressing your interest.
  2. If it’s determined that Online Coaching would suit you and your circumstances, we’ll send you extensive questionnaires to learn more about your health, your history/experience, your thought processes pertaining to fitness and nutrition, your goals, and your deepest/darkest secrets.  Well… not that last one, but everything else. Oh yeah, you’ll also have to sign some legal mumbo jumbo.
  3. After you send everything back, be patient as we organize our thoughts and develop the first stage of your program.
  4. Once we’re ready to deliver your programming, we’ll send you a paypal link that you’ll use to pay for our services on a monthly basis.  Our monthly rate is $175.  Before you gripe about that price, consider that in-person sessions with us cost $50-$60 and most of our in-person clients train at least twice per week.  Their total monthly outlay is in the neighborhood of $400-600.  Also consider that most trainers price their online coaching at a minimum of $200/mo… some exceeding $400/mo.  We price this service to make it accessible to the everyday person.
  5. From there the most amazing, epic, and efficient program in the entire universe gets delivered to your inbox.  No, really… what you get is something that we guarantee is tailored to meet your needs and reach your goals.  And the real power of this service comes into play with the ongoing management of the training and nutrition variables based on how you’re progressing

If you feel this is something worth exploring, please start by contacting us using this form:

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