We’re unique from other trainers who have a presence on the web in that we ACTUALLY TRAIN people.  More often than not, it seems the web is littered with arm-chair experts who continually spout off how they feel people should train without ever actually training anyone themselves.

That’s not a knock on anyone in particular, I should add.  In fact, there are a number of professionals who disperse information on the web who don’t train clients, yet they’ve forgotten more than we know.  The web is a double edge sword, to say the least.

While we do offer a number of online consultative services, we also own two training facilities – one in Pottstown, PA and the other in Hatfield, PA.  These are BI West and BI East respectively.  The on-location services are specific to the location.

Online Coaching Options

BI West Training Options – Pottstown, PA

BI East Training Options – Hatfield, PA